Athletes, CBD & Recovery

Athletes are finding that CBD helps them in a number of ways. Used before exercise as oil, this cannabinoid can help them perform. After they are done, however, CBD also can be used to help them recover. As a result, CBD is well on its way to becoming a must-have health supplement for athletes.

Following a press conference following a televised sporting event and you saw the star athlete using CBD while answering questions, how would you react?  Many knee-jerk reactions could trigger questions about the substance used and its legality.  When a heavily bruised Ultimate Fighter Nate Diaz of the UFC did just this during his press conference, he had a simple response to people’s curiosities:

“It’s CBD,” he said.“It helps … inflammation and stuff like that,” he continued.

Starting, January 1st of 2018, that will be an acceptable answer.  That’s because the World Doping Agency has officially removed cannabidiol from it’s “banned” list.  The announcement is likely to generate a sigh of relief form Diaz and many athletes like him.

That’s because many athletes who play brutal contact sports turn to CBD for the anti-inflammatory properties they believe are much more effective than traditional medicines.

CBD is getting national attention, especially from current and former athletes. This growing list of prominent athletes that champion the use of CBD to help deal with conditions that take place during and after their sporting careers.  They’ve learned how CBD can revitalize the body by engaging with their endocannabinoid system.

CBD taken either topically or orally is used to support the reduction of inflammation and pain, which in turn improves recovery time.The neuroprotective properties may help cognitive responses.  Yet, when it comes to energizing the endocannabinoid system, CBD isn’t solely used with the hopes of dealing with the negative sides of sports or activity.

CBD can also reinforce a healthy diet rich in fish, fruits and nuts.  That’s why you’ll find everyone from weekend warriors to executives purchasing CBD.

That’s why the World Doping Agency lifted the ban on the substance, In 2015 Dr. Nora Volkow, Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, became a stronger advocate about the potential benefits of CBD while making the distinction between healthy and high effects.

While CBD may not work exactly the same way as THC, there is one thing it does do. Like other cannabinoids, CBD seems able to help the body recover. It also seems to create the ability to seek a more normal “homeostasis.”

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